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    Why is an Order Number Required?

    Because there are many counterfeit inferior products and unauthorized sellers of our products. These are not “New” products as many claim and may be unsafe for use.

    In addition, only products sold directly by Natural Brands, LLC. (manufacturer of Solaray products) are covered by our warranties. Solaray product warranties are nontransferable.

    We regret that a few bad apples spoil the pie and ask that you understand that the safety of our customers come first!

    Tips for Contacting Customer Support

    In your message please provide as detailed info about the subject as possible, example:

    • If your inquiry is about a product, please include the item name in the message details.
    • If your inquiry is about an issue with a product, please specify the issue and include the things you tried in an attempt to resolve the issue.
    • If your inquiry is about an order, please provide us with the order number.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you need to return a product that was purchased on Amazon as a gift, please use Amazon’s “Return a Gift” process.

    Use the link below to guide you through the process. You will need the Amazon Order ID number to return the item.

    Occasionally there are delays with Amazon shipping. This typically happens during busy holidays and bad weather conditions.

    It is important to know that Amazon packs and ships products directly. We have no control over their shipping and order processing.

    Please access your Amazon Account to get further information on any delayed orders you may have. If your order has a status of “Payment pending” it is possible there is an issue with Amazon processing your payment.

    Please feel free to contact Amazon directly to inquire about your pending order.

    Amazon Customer Service:
    Phone: (800) 201-7575

    Contacting Us About an AMAZON Order?
    Be sure to include your “Amazon Order ID”. Response times may be delayed without this information.